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Here are some interesting links we have found.More will be added soon!


Scott Data Office Web Cam - Currently looking out over Lake Minnetonka.

Bay Lake Web Cam - Looking out over Bay Lake in northern Minnesota.

The Catalina 25 Association - Information on the Catalina 25 and 250 sailboats

Sailor's World Marina - A great place to keep or rent a boat on Minnetonka

Heavens Above - What's over your head?

IR Images - Cool Digital Photography IR Images

Geocaching - Do something with that GPS!

Minnesota Manatees - MN Diving (Brrrrr...)

Celestial Navigation - Who needs GPS?

Molecular Expressions Photos - Cool images

George Goble's site - Trouble lighting your grill?

Annals of Improbable Research

TerraServer - Take a look at yourself

Vertibird! - Remember this cool toy? Get it now from Jasman.

The Darwin Awards

DGPS over the IP - What a cool hack!

The Cayman Islands - Cold? Why not visit?


Computer Related

Roedy Green's Phone Directory Very good, and he's been updating it since the days of BIX! (Anyone remember that?)

SlashDot - Need I say more? The definitive geek news page.

Wired - More tech news

Memepool - Odd musings on life

PGP - The ultimate in Encryption. (Or go to PGP International)

The Delphi Superpage - Lots of Delphi stuff

Gibson Tech - Good place to check your security online!

NANOG - Got Net?

FreeRadius - Need a Radius Server?

Pascal for the Palm - A Delphi like environment for the palm??!?

AMail - A cool FREE web email system from AlThePal. Worth Looking!


Amateur Radio



Minnesota Stuff


The Star-Tribune

The Pioneer Press

Mpls Saint Paul Magazine - Great information about the Twin Cities

The Bay Lake Web Page

Lord Fletchers - One of the best places on Minnetonka to eat and have fun

Sunsets - A great restaurant in Wayzata, MN (on Lake Minnetonka)

Maynards - Another great restaurant on Lake Minnetonka

Bay Side Grill - A touch of the islands on Minnetonka





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